Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Simpson's and Fermat's Last Theorem

Since I'm a big Simpson's fan, I love this. Here's a recent article written about the mathematics of the Simpson's:

Apparently, the Simpson's TV show has included a throw away joke on Fermat's Last Theorem.

Basically, enter the following numbers into any standard calculator:




And you will find that according to a standard calculator:

178212 + 184112 = 192212

What's up?

Well, the answer comes down to a calculator's rounding error since these numbers are too large for the calculator. After all, an even number + odd number = odd number and yet in this equation, an even number + odd number = even number.



Blogger Piyadasa Ranawaka said...

Pl.comment on 'A simple and short analytical proof of Fermat's last theorem' March 2011,Vol.2,No.3,CMNSEM,57-63

9:16 PM  
Blogger Andrew Deighton said...

if you work in modulo 2, the LHS is 0^12 + 1^12 = 0 + 1 = 1, the RHS is 0^12 = 0

or in other words the left is odd and the right is even - they can't be equal (without a calculator or a 500 page proof of Fermat's last theorem)

12:22 PM  

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